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Happy Friday everyone! 

Lately, I've really been into wearing edgier outfits on the weekends, as you may have noticed with last week's look. For that pairing, I added a brighter pop of color to my LBD, but today, I opted for darker, more intense shades of purple, which creates somewhat of a grunge vibe I like to play around with come fall. When wearing a number of dark colors, I like to include pieces that have various textures, provide movement, and/or have some sort of pattern or detail to prevent the whole look from appearing dead and dull. It also allows for each piece to stand out on their own.


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Happy Thursday, my dear friends!

We're in boot(ie) season and I'm sure many of you have a mix of either traditional leather and/or suede. Traditional leather is a much more durable and less fuss option (in case you didn't know, suede is a form of leather!), as opposed to suede, which requires a lot more TLC. Genuine suede can be costly, which makes taking good care of them important, if you want to extend the wear and value of your hard earned money, can I get an amen?! 


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Happy Hump Day, friends

I hope you're all having a great week so far! 

I love fall, it's one of my two favorite seasons, the next is spring. There's just something about the changes that take place, showing forth such beautiful gorgeous colors and the temperatures are just right during both seasons.


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