Posted by Jalisa on Sep 14, 2015 under

Happy Monday!

This outfit is the first look I would categorize as fall. It's been very hard to get inspired by fall fashion when it's been so darn hot! I often find myself around this time of year wearing fall pieces and sweating bullets, but tough it out because I mean, everyone in fashion is wearing fall clothing this time. Today...

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Posted by Jalisa on Sep 11, 2015 under

Happy Friday friends!

Although we are in September, summer is refusing to say good-bye. We've actually been experiencing some record high temps here in New York, it's been in the 90s! As long as summer wants to linger, I will continue to pull out my summer brights! 

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Happy Thursday beauties!

There are so many women that I've spoken to that are insecure about their height. They either feel they're too tall or too short. I say we should all learn to accept what we are and how we look, but of course that sounds a lot easier than it may be for some of us. So, I would like to share some simple styling tips for those of you who wish to appear taller and/or leaner. 

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