Happy Thursday beauties!

There are so many women that I've spoken to that are insecure about their height. They either feel they're too tall or too short. I say we should all learn to accept what we are and how we look, but of course that sounds a lot easier than it may be for some of us. So, I would like to share some simple styling tips for those of you who wish to appear taller and/or leaner. 

1. Monochrome- Wearing one color from head-to-toe causes the eye to see the body as a whole instead of in parts, by creating a continual flow. I know that may sound a little weird, but it's true! The eye won't stop or focus in one area of the body in particular, rather the entire body, causing you to appear longer and leaner. If you don't feel that a full on monochrome look is your thing, no worries! Try matching your shoes with you bottoms to create the illusion of longer and leaner legs ;)

2. Longer vests & blazers- I'm not talking Danny Devito style, so don't get worried! I'd suggest pieces that fall a little past the widest part of the hips. This will not only make the hips appear a little smaller (if that's desired), but will help to elongate the torso, making you appear taller. 

3. V-Necks- Speaking of elongating the torso, v-necks help to create this effect as well. Why?! Anything with a point, which the v-neck creates, elongates the widest part, which would be from the chest up. This neckline is also ideal for ladies who are apple or inverted triangles, as they help to narrow out a wider upper body.

4. Nude shoes- Nude shoes help to create the illusion of longer legs by blending in with your skin, especially when exposing the leg. Make sure you are selecting the right shade of nude, which can be a bit tricky to find, but no worries, I have a video that'll help with just that (here). Also, you've heard me mention this many times, pointed-toe shoes help to elongate the foot, thus making your legs appear longer. 

I hope you all found this post helpful, please let me know if it did! As always, I thank you all so much for stopping by and I hope you have a beautiful day :)



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