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Hey Babes!

Yesterday was a nice and relaxed Sunday with the fam. We spent some time at the park eating lunch, but then we were kicked out by the intense amount of wind, which made the temperature drop, then came the rain. Of course shortly after we left the sun broke through the clouds. Nonetheless, we still ended up having a fun day. I wanted to share what I wore, which was extremely comfortable, except when the random sun shower came, I was trying not to get my white pants dirty! 

Remember the video I recorded on how to wear black and white for your body shape? If not, you can watch it here. I gave some tips on where you should wear either colors and mentioned that if you're pear shaped, then you're main objective would be to style it on top. However, I always love to give alternatives in my blog posts, which is why I think it's important to follow my blog :) Say you're a pear and you really want to wear a pair of white pants, especially now that we're in spring, soon to be entering summer, my best advice would be to wear a top that's a bit longer, almost tunic style, but not that long, and/or a top that provides some sort of interest, whether it be embellishments, a captivating color, or some texture (i.e frilling, etc.). You can also wear high heels, especially if you're petite, to prevent the legs from appearing too full or "short and stubby." 




SWEATER: Michael Kors (Marshall's)

PANTS: Marshall's






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