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Hello Fashionistas!

Today's look is a bit feminine, yet edgy at the same time. Even though the leggings are floral, the color palette is fairly dark, which makes it have a bit of an edge, as well as with the black sweater pairing. To lighten things up a bit, I simply added a pastel pink leather jacket to pull out the lighter hues in the leggings, making the look more daytime appropriate. 

What I love most about this look though, is that you all can style a look fairly similar to this, regardless of your body shape! The reason is that we have interest in color, print, and texture on the top and bottom, which creates complete balance, suitable and wearable for all body shapes. The leather jacket adds a nice contrast and pop with the sweater, as well as some structure. Speaking of the sweater, I chose a cowl-neck, which is great for all you pear and rectangular shapes, since it adds a bit of volume to the bust area. The pattern on the bottom with the leggings is great for all you apple shapes, since it creates a focal point on your legs, you greatest asset! Of course, the hourglass looks great in any look that is well balanced and has focal points on the top and lower portions! 

You may not be able to find the same exact leggings that I'm wearing here, because I purchased them at a local boutique in the city, you can, however, keep the color scheme and idea running throughout your look to create the same vibe ;)



LEGGINGS: Local boutique


BOOTS: Nine West Outlet

HEAD BAND:  Local boutique



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