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Hi Gorgeous Ladies!

Yesterday, Eddie and I went to an Asian restaurant that we found online, which is what we do when have no clue where we want to go for date night. The food was extremely delicious, as you can tell by the photos! We decided to have dessert at a different location, since we don't typically like the desserts offered at Asian restaurants, since they tend to be a bit generic, like the chocolate cake and apple crisp; we found a place that specializes in zeppoles! They make all different sorts, as well as a variety of dipping sauces. We thought it was a cool concept and appreciate the idea, since we love zeppoles and hate having to wait once a year for a local festival to have this scrumptious treat. If you are unfamiliar with what zeppoles are, they are Italian style donuts. Simply put, it's deep fried dough topped with powdered sugar.

APPETIZER:  Shrimp stuffed dumplings

APPETIZER: A different take an shrimp tempura

EDDIE'S DINNER: Sesame Chicken

MY DINNER: General Tso's Chicken 

DESSERT: The larger zeppole's are "classic" and the smaller are "traditional". The three sauces are: buttercream, vanilla, and hazelnut

For my outfit, I chose to wear this beautiful sequins skirt paired with a pink peplum top, which was an exact color in the skirt. For some reason, though, the camera is not reflecting that color on the skirt, perhaps due to the lighting (we had to take the shots in a parking garage since it was extremely cold to do completely outside). My husband called the look "funky" and I guess it is a bit, but he liked the way it turned out and so did I. Every so often, I like to create these funky and creative looks that I don't typically wear on a daily basis, to keep my style on the eclectic side. 

What I appreciated about the look was how balanced it was, in-spite of how funky the skirt (which brings focus to my lower portion) is. I would suggest this look to all of the body shapes with the exception of the apple shape. The reason is because the peplum can cause your stomach and waist area to appear wider, since it creates width to the midsection, which alternatively works well for the pear and hourglass shapes, since the waistline is smaller to start, creating width will not exaggerate that area extensively. As for the rectangular shape, it adds a bit of volume and shape, which this shape lacks naturally and can cause the eye to create a more curvaceous frame. I do want to point out that a skirt like this, which I've been seeing everywhere on the streets of NY, are PERFECT for you apple shapes. It not only creates some fun and interest because of the colors and prints, but it also allows for you to show those legs, which, as I mentioned many times, enhances those fabulous features! Now I know that some of you may be asking, "how does this work for the pear and hourglass, since peplum adds width to the lower portion, won't this look cause the eye to focus downward only?" The answer is no. The reason is because this peplum top happens to have a small v-neck incision at the collar bone area, which creates a small focal point. So, I'd suggest in recreating this look, you work with a peplum top that has some sort of cut out or embellished detailing around the neckline to cause the eye to focus there a bit. 


Peplum top: New York & Company

Skirt: TCEC (Weezie D. Boutique)

Shoes: Nine West Outlet



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