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Hello fabulous ladies!

If you watched this week's youtube video, then you heard my tips on creating points of interest to your outfit, to distract from your height (for taller women). While I was editing the video, a thought came to my mind, what about those semi-tall women (5'6-5'7), that actually want to add even more height visually, like those who want to pursue catalog/commercial modeling? I myself entered into a model search in the past, in which I was asked to send three different body shots in an online application. These shots are very important for getting the attention of the scouts that are sorting through thousands of photos. Whether you are pursing modeling of some sort or just want to appear taller in pictures, wearing nude pumps or heels will definitely add some length to your legs. As we all know, heels obviously lengthen our legs, since they add additional height, but when nude heels are worn, it creates an illusion to the eye, adding additional height, even though you may have a closet filled with only 4 inch heels. That being said, to prevent yourself from looking endlessly tall, while still creating some additional height, you must choose nude shoes that have some sort of a color blocking effect. Remember I mentioned the importance of this in the video? If you look at the shoes that I'm wearing in the photos, you will notice that my legs appear really long, but I don't appear gigantic, since I have a pop of coral on both sides of the shoe! As for the dress itself, it has an elastic cinched in waistband, which will break up my upper and lower body, again, preventing me from looking too tall. Since the waistband sits a bit higher than my natural waistline, it enhances the elongated leg effect I created with the shoes. So this look would be ideal for some of you tall ladies that have a large torso and shorter legs, you would be able to visually change where you appear elongated ;) And lastly, the clutch has a color blocking effect with bright colors, which of course adds interest to the look. There you have it, our three points of interest!

Both petite and tall women that want to appear even taller, can find inspiration in this look. Of course, tweak it to your own style preference, it's the idea and concept that I try to inspire you all with! 


DRESS: Marshall's


CLUTCH: Jessica Simpson (Marshall's)



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