Posted by Jalisa on Jul 03, 2013

Hello beauties!

This week's W3 post caters to all my gorgeous plus sized women! I've been getting soooo many comments and questions on YouTube on styling a plus sized body, so I decided to cater to the needs of those who are plus sized. The suggestions are pretty much the same that I would give to those who are not plus sized, depending on their body shape. When asked if being plus sized is another shape/category on its own, I personally don't feel it is, so I say no. The reason I don't believe it's a separate category or body shape, is because a plus sized woman can still fall into any of the four main body shape categories there are. Your body shape does not usually change when you gain weight, since where you store your fat or gain weight is genetic. Another reason it doesn't change is because your can build muscle in certain areas, but you cannot change how your bones are shaped in length and/or width, which also contributes to your body shape. That being said, I still find it important and valuable to provide visuals to all my plus sized readers, so they too know what to look for specifically when shopping. Since I haven't done a W3 post on plus sized women's wear, I thought it would be a good week to start! 

This beautiful green and white dress would look gorgeous on most skin tones. The reason I say most, is because if you are fair skinned and have dirty blonde hair, these grassy shades of green can actually cause your hair to have a visual tint of green as well, which of course is not flattering at all! So, if you are fair skinned but do not have dirty blonde hair, then I'd suggest this dress and here's why. The white swerved stripes are positioned in two main places that cause a visual slimming effect, across the bust and across the hips. These two areas are typically where we women gain our weight. Also, do you notice how the swerves are thinner around the waist? This causes the eye to create a smaller cinched in waistline, giving the appearance of an hourglass effect! The color contrast chosen for the design causes the eye to focus on the swerved pattern, not so much the green solid base of the dress, which will cause everyone's eye to slim you down inches as soon as they look at you! How awesome is that?! 

As for accessories, I'd suggest to add pops of color to your shoes as well as your purse. You can choose to keep your jewelry either silver or gold, to prevent too much distraction to the eye at the office. Colors like hot pink, vibrant yellow, and orange would look fantastic for your shoes and purse. It would also create more interest to your look and distract from any problem areas that you may have or feel uncomfortable showing.

As always, I hope you found the post helpful and don't forget to keep coming back to read more styling tips!


DRESS: Ashley Stewart (Wave Color Block Dress) HERE




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