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Hey Babes!

Today's look is centered around the nautical theme, which is suitable for this time of year, since many of us spend our summers on or around the water. What I love about this look is that it's gender neutral, so it could be sported by both you and the hubby for a day on the water; that would look super cute! In his case, I'd suggest a pair of Sperry's instead of heels though, lol! 

I personally feel that red is the only color that truly "works" with the navy and white colors to create this theme, although if you're not a fan of red, then you could of course substitute it with a color of your choice. It hasn't been up until recently, actually a few days ago (lol), that I've been wearing red more, mainly because of the new Kate Spade purse I purchased on Saturday, which I'm in love with. But, even without the purse, this would be a look I would've still worn, minus the purse. Don't feel you need so many red pieces, I think three eye catching pieces are enough. If you add any more, I think, it would be a bit overpowering and that would be with any look you're adding pops of color to.

You've heard me mention many times that us pear shapes should avoid vertical stripes, as they can make the upper body appear even more narrow and the hips that much wider. As you can see, I selected a horizontal striped tank and in the case of the apple, inverted triangle, and rectangular shapes, I'd suggest vertical. The vertical stripes will visually narrow out the width of all of these shapes and in the case of the rectangular shape, prevent her from appearing too boxy. 

Feel free to be inspired by this look, which is the sole purpose of me sharing my outfits with you here on the blog. If you don't want to wear jeans or denim shorts, substitute them with red pants, shorts, or skirt to achieve the same vibe ;)



TANK: Ralph Lauren (Outlet)

JEANS: GUESS (Marshall's)

SUNGLASSES: Salvatore Ferragamo

WATCH: Kenneth Cole (c/o RedLight PR)

PURSE: Kate Spade New York (Marshall's)

SHOES: Payless 


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