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Happy Hump Day Ladies!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful and productive day at work!

This week's work outfit inspiration is centered around a new addition to my closet, a leopard printed blazer Eddie gifted me with on my birthday, from Nordstrom Rack. I love it because it's such a transitional staple piece. It can easily be styled in an appropriate way for the office, as you see here, as well as for a more casual look, which I plan on featuring in the near future! 

I've mentioned time and time again that when working with animal prints, we have to be a bit careful as to which pieces we're choosing to wear to the office. Even though they're considered neutrals, they can have a sensual element, depending on the piece and how it's styled, which of course you don't want for the office! I chose to pair it with a pencil skirt, but it would look just as great with a black or chocolate brown sheath dress. 

So you may be asking, "Jalisa, you've mentioned that apple shapes should avoid too much pattern when styling their upper bodies, so how can wear this look?" My answer to that would be to just simply select a different kind of top. I'm wearing a simple cami, but you can wear a top that has ruching or a fold over detailing that will have a slimming effect on your bust and midsection. Plus, the blazer doesn't fall at your hip bone, which would cause all the attention to be placed on your mid-section, which is a plus! 


BLAZER: Nordstrom Rack

SKIRT: Express (I LOVE their pencil skirts, great quality!)


SHOES: Nine West

PURSE: Tory Burch 



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