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BLOUSE: Marshalls // JEANS: The Limited // PURSE: Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom Rack// SHOES: Groovy (Annie Sez// LIP COLOR: Milani Cosmetics (Rose Amour #33)


Happy Hump Day!

Today's look is feminine and fun, a combination I love, especially during this time of year! You all know by know that my favorite color is pink and red is a close fav, and I absolutely love it combined with blue, particularly ice or baby blue. I feel it makes the look a bit playful and allows the pink to truly pop. Oh and doesn't the graffiti background remind you of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?! 

Anyway, I combined the top and softer washed denim together, which creates more of a monochromed look, since they're within the same color palette and have similar hues. As you may know, monochrome (a look that has the same color or similar colors) helps to visually slim and elongate the entire body (who wouldn't want that?!). This is a great strategy to keep in mind if you're petite or in the process of loosing weight or just simply want to appear thinner. I wouldn't, on the other hand, suggest this method if you have a long torso or if you're taller and don't want to appear even taller than you are. If you do try this method when styling and are a rectangular shape, I'd consider tucking in your blouse or perhaps wear a belt to help differentiate or visually break up your upper and lower half, since monochrome can make you appear as just one long being, if that makes any sense-I hope it does! Here's an example of what I mean...PS: the look I'm wearing would look great as is for all other body shapes ;)

I hope you enjoyed the post! Stop by again on Friday for another outfit idea and style tip ;)

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