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Hey everyone!

We're finally on the heels of the start of the weekend, which I'm so excited for; I had a very busy and long week! Who's ready for Mother's Day? I will be doing a special post with my mom on Sunday, so definitely stop by, especially if you haven't met her yet, well, indirectly of course :) For today's post, I went for a super casual look, featuring one of my long lost favorite style of jeans, the flare. With so much attention placed on the oh so popular skinny jean, it's hard to remember that there are other style of jeans out there! The flared is making a comeback this season, so I definitely suggest you try them out. You may be asking, "how will they look on me?" Well, I'm here to tell you they'd look great, but they may take some getting use to if all you've got stocked up are those skinnies! 

What I love about flared jeans is that they are figure flattering. You see, even though we all have, I would guess many, pairs of skinny jeans in our closets, they really aren't all that figure flattering on their own. Of course we make them suit our shapes better by the way we style them, but on their own, they do no justice for us pear shapes, for example, since they can make our hips look much larger because they taper in so much on the leg and are tight on the hips and thighs. They also don't do much for the apple and rectangular shapes because they don't add any dimension to the lower portion of the body, especially for the apple shape, to balance out the top. The flare style does! I've been asked by some pear and hourglass shapes if the flare would make their hips appear wider, well honestly, it does depend. If you're petite and are either a pear or hourglass shape, then I'd suggest you go with a more tapered version of the flare, the bootcut or bootleg. They create some width to the bottom, but don't give the impression of being short and stubby. Flares are jeans that I would not recommend wearing flats with, (you can get away with wearing them with bootcut/bootlegs) the pant legs will drag and the entire look will appear frumpy. Opt for heels, pointed-toe and platform shoes are excellent options, as well as wedges

I hope you found the post helpful and decide to try out a pair of flared jeans. If they seem too overwhelming, start off with the bootleg/bootcut to get yourself used to the extra fabric on the legs.

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