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Hello Gorgeous Ladies!

Today's look is feminine glam meets punk combo. Punk style is known for edgier pieces such as the tartan plaid skirt and leather boots, like the ones I'm wearing here. What softens up the look, creating that glam factor, is obviously the embellished sweater. Another piece, believe it or not, are the leather booties. If I wanted to emphasize the punk vibe for my shoes, I could have chosen to wear military lace ups, which are generally worn with this kind of look to make it more punk. The fact that it's bootie with a heel adds that softer feminine element. 

I wore this skirt on the blog for the first time a few months back, which look do YOU prefer, the 1st or 2nd? The first look is more of a complete edgy and aggressive look, whereas the second is a bit more softer and feminine. 


Notice how my waistline appears so small and defined? Well, that's because the sweater is a bit wide in nature, so when tucked in to a tighter bottom, it helps to exaggerate that waistline. This is a technique that I highly suggest for those of you who don't have a naturally defined waist, such as you rectangular and apple shapes. For you pear shapes, you would definitely be able to rock this look, not only because I'm a pear myself and if I could do it, so can you, but because we have interest going on in the top and bottom. Plus, like I mentioned, the sweater is wider, so the tucking in helps create a bit of volume above the waistline. To prevent that volumizing effect for all you apple shapes, I suggest pulling the skirt up a bit higher than how I'm wearing it. It'll create an empire waist look, which is ideal for your shape ;)



SWEATER: Michael Kors (Marshall's)

SKIRT: Sans Soucci (Marshall's)

BOOTS: Nine West's Edytheo (outlet store)

WATCH: Michael Kors 


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