Posted by Jalisa on Mar 05, 2014

Hello Glammies!

You all know that I'm a huge lover of animal prints by now. Part of the reason is because they're such a great way to add a nice print to an otherwise plain and boring look, plus they go with practically everything and are suitable for most occasions and settings. One print that I don't feel gets as much love as it's other animal print counterparts, is the white leopard print. When I do see it worn, I tend to see it mostly during the winter months.

In today's post, I wanted to demonstrate how it could easily be used as a transitional piece throughout most of the year. What I love about this print in particular is that you have the awesome black and white duo, which works with literally every color under the sun, which is found in the zebra print as well, however, zebra tends to have more a fun and energetic vibe to it, whereas the leopard has more of a chic and sophisticated vibe, most sought after for work wear. 



I created three different looks appropriate for winter, spring, and summer. I used a common and easy to mix color palette when creating the looks. I also used pieces that are commonly worn during these months, to give you guys a better visual and idea of what and how you can wear this piece with, with what you may already have in your closets or are considering to add. Unlike some of the other animal prints, white leopard can go well with either silver or gold jewelry. I mention this because the traditional leopard print tends to prefer gold, due to it's warmer undertones. This makes the white leopard suitable for all skin and hair tones, which is a great bonus! 

So what do you guys think? Would you consider adding a bit of sophisticated pattern and versatility to your work wardrobe with this print? 




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