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Hello ladies!

When I took these jeans out this morning, I immediately thought of Rachel Zoe. She is notorious for rocking the wide/bell bottom style pants/jeans and she wears it well! I like this particular pant leg because it helps balance out my lower body. As you all know, I'm a pear shape, so when styling, I like to try to balance everything out by not bringing too much attention to my hips and butt. So, if you are also a pear and are not petite, then I suggest you consider a pair of wide legged jeans, too. They add a boho vibe to your look, which instantly exudes spring and they also prevent your hips from looking extremely wide, since it has the flare at the bottom. I added the waist belt to add some volume to my upper body, where you can see it folds over the belt. This adds balance by creating a visual pattern of volume (folding), fitted (waist belt), volume (hips), fitted (thighs/where the denim is tightest), volume (bottom of jeans/flare). I wouldn't suggest this look, however, if you are petite pear (5'3 and shorter) because although you'll be minimizing your wide hips, you'll also be shortening yourself because of all the extra fabric at the bottom. 

I hope this look inspires you to try something different, if you're not used to wearing wide legged pants and jeans! It's guaranteed to look amazing on you! 

PS: I've also noticed that bell bottom jeans or wide legged pants can help your butt appear more lifted and your hips more sculpted and slender ;)



Jeans: YMI jeans (Marshall's)

Shoes: BCBGeneration (Marshall's)

Purse: Marciano by Guess (Marshall's)

Bracelets: Mixture of different boutiques 




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