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Hey Ladies,

For last night’s date night, Eddie and I had Turkish, which we hadn’t had in a while. To be honest, I didn’t have the best experience, although it wasn’t the worst. I was just a little disappointed with my dish, which I felt lacked flavor and overall creativity. I mean, it’s Turkish after all, so one’s expectation for an exotic and interesting meal presentation would be a bit higher than with others. My meal wasn’t horrible, it was ok. Have you ever had a craving for something and then when you finally were able to have it, it wasn’t as you expected? That’s how I felt. But if you’ve never had Turkish before, it’s definitely a cuisine I’d suggest you give a try and if you can find a great spot, even if it’s one of those “hole in the wall” spots, you’ve hit a home run because it tends to be delicious and flavorful, very similar to typical Middle Eastern food. There was one thing last night that we’ve never tried before and that was the Kadayif dessert, which is quite similar to Baklava, if you’ve ever had it before (a popular Greek dessert as well). One of the main differences is that Kadayif has crushed pistachios in it, so if you’re not a fan of pistachios, I wouldn’t suggest you try it. 
APPETIZER: Hummus & white bean salad

EDDIE’S ENTRÉE: sautéed lamb with onions and peppers

MY ENTRÉE: Lamb shank 

When it comes to my outfit, I decided to wear a lavender colored shirt with a faux leather tulip style skirt. If you recall in my video on styling pastels (watch HERE), I mentioned that a great way to wear and style pastels in a more “grown up” way, was to pair them with edgier pieces, such as the faux leather skirt and rocker chic accessories I’m wearing here, which helped tied the whole look together. Also, the way I styled it here would work great for all you petites, which I mentioned a lot throughout the video, since I wore black tights and booties, creating an elongating effect to the legs. Also, with the addition of the black studded waist belt, placed above the natural waistline of the skirt, the legs appear longer and the torso shorter; a method that’s also ideal and helpful for all my apple shaped ladies. This wouldn’t be something I’d suggest to those of you who have short torsos and longer legs already, since you’ll only be cutting away more inches away from your torso, so skip the belt and black bottoms (tights and booties) in that case. I think this overall strategy and combination is more appropriate for a night look, such as a date night or Girls’ Night Out. 
Have you guys tried mixing pastels with edgier and darker pieces before? If not, would you ever consider it? 

TOP: New York & Company
SKIRT: Marshall’s (san’s souci-I HIGHLY suggest this brand for skirts!)
TIGHTS: DKNY (outlet store)
BELT: Betsey Johnson (Marshall’s)
SHOES: Nine West's Edytheo (outlet store)

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