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Hello Glammies!

On Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity to preview the fall 2014 collections of some of the most wonderful established and up and coming brands, at the RedLight PR Fall 2014 Press Preview. I always have such a great time previewing the collections from both new and familiar brands, before they're set to launch and taking you along to see as well! So let's get started...

FOREVER UNIQUE (Based in the UK)

I wanted to start off with this brand because we're getting closer and closer to prom season and I personally love Forever Unique's selection of dresses. Each dress I saw had be wishing that I could go back in time to prom and wear one of those show stopper dresses, sure to turn heads! I mean, if there are celebs gracing covers wearing dresses from this line, such as Miley Cyrus, you know you're guaranteed to win prom queen, right? Remember the dress I showed you guys from my last visit to the RedLight PR showroom, if not, here it is:

Image from taken from Cosmopolitan


This is the photo I took at the RedLight Spring 2014 Press Preview at the RedLight Showroom. The same dress Miley wore on the cover of Cosmo. 

Here's some of my faves from the Fall 2014 line:

While these dresses aren't currently available, I suggest if you're still shopping around for a prom dress or a dress for an upcoming special occasion, you check out their website. Just click on the underlined title above that'll take you over. You're sure to find amazing dresses in a variety of cuts and styles in both misses and plus sizes!



The inspiration behind the fall 2014 collection was the various geographic locations, landscaping, and monuments in the U.S. Angelys, the founder and designer, often pulls her inspiration from art and geography. Last season, our current spring 2014, she was inspired by the different climates and locations in Africa as well as various arthropods. The line now offers a variety of fashionable covers and cases for your gismos and gadgets as well!



Founder and designer Greg Polisseni is a talented artist who has fused his desire for both art and fashion into a clothing and accessory line, Artistix. Each of his colorful and dramatic paintings have been developed into wearable pieces of art, the most notable is his artistic painting of the American flag, which is on it's way to President Obama's desk in hopes of being developed into a new U.S stamp! The art piece is currently offered in a beautiful statement scarf show below.

image taken from the Artistix website



All my Cali girls, this brand, I believe, captures the very embodiment of the personality and attitude most of you have. I for one try to have that relaxed vibe, but I believe growing up a NY girl has molded me into the high strung type A woman I've become, but at least wearing pieces from this line can help bring out that inner chill and laid back feeling the label represents, lol. Each piece within the collection has a trendy and boho chic element, which I absolutely love. One of my favorite looks or pieces from the label is shown on this mannequin. How gorge?! 



An accessory line which offers a variety of statement and unique purses in genuine leather. Many of the pieces from the fall 2014 line appeared to be inspired by wildlife, capturing a very boho-chic element, which I loved! Below is one of my favorite pieces from the line, the Natalia purse.



In Hawaiian lokai means harmony and balance. Founder and designer, Steven Izen created a bracelet that captivates the very meaning of this world, in that the two statement beads represent a reminder to maintain an equal balance in your perception of success in your life. The two bracelets have been infused with elements taken from both the highest and lowest points on the earth, water from Mount Everest in the white bead (the highest point on earth) and mud from the Dead Sea in the black bead (the lowest point on earth). The white bead serves as a reminder to remain humble and to keep all things in perspective when we feel like we're on top of the world. It's often been said that after haughtiness comes a great fall, which can be represented by the black bead. However, even when we're at our lowest point in life, there is always hope that one day, we will arise and take those lessons learned and become resilient and successful, which the black bead serves to represent. 


This backpack and lunchbox line, which has been featured on various T.V. programs, such as The Today Show and CNN Money, offers more than just fashionable and cool school items for both boys and girls. The unique horizontal design of these backpacks are set to carry weight above your child's waist, reducing the amount of weight placed on your child's lower back. Not only does it protect your child's back, it also protects any tablets or special devices needed for school. We know how rough children can be with their backpacks, throwing and tossing them around, but with this unique and patented design, you can relax in knowing your money invested in these bags and your child's tablets and devices are well protected. Also, for every backpack you purchase, Bixbee will donate a schoolbag WITH supplies to a child in need! Click on the title of this brand to head over to the website to learn more about these pieces and for more pics of various designs and sizes offered for your boy(s) or girl(s).



A cellphone and tablet accessory line that offers both safe protection and fashionable prints and designs to keep your most used item in your purse looking good with each #selfie you take ;)


A huge thank you to RedLight PR for having me and presenting me with the opportunity to preview the Fall 2014 collections for all the brands showcased at the event. I wish each brand and designer I had the pleasure of meeting much success! 


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