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Hello Beauties!

Last night, we dined at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. Our food was extremely delicious. There is one entrée that we tend to order most of the time, which Eddie ended up ordering, but their special sounded so delish, I decided to try something new. I would definitely consider myself a creature of habit, although I'm not at all opposed to trying new things, but I do tend to stick with something I like often. Eddie and I try to order different dishes so that if one of us doesn't like our dish, we can try the other's and order that instead or to share. This time we cut both of our meals down the center and shared and we both agreed that mine, the special, was by far the best! I do suggest you do this, too. If you go out to eat once in a while with your hubby or even a close friend or family member, select something different and share both. I think it makes for a better dinner :)

EDDIE'S ENTRÉE: Chicken Sorpresa (parmesan encrusted chicken breast)

MY ENTRÉE: A la Mama (pan seared chicken breast topped with eggplant)


MY FAVORITE CUPCAKES FROM SWEET & SOCIAL BAKERY (2 chocolate ones are our FAVE called Curious George it has a banana purée inside!)


When it comes to my outfit, I recently purchased this top from a much needed shopping trip at Marshall's last week. I fell in love with the cut outs in the back and the bow detailing, as well as the color. I fell in love with the whole top basically. It gives off a very spring-like vibe and is a great piece to wear both during the day and at night. To give a more night time feel, I paired it with my grey leggings, which I think worked well, since both are cool-toned colors. To tie the look together, I wore these Nine West shoes, which I've had for what seems like forever, in fact, I believe they may have been the first item I purchased from Marshall's; when the love affair began :) 

I think this is a look suitable for all body shapes. It's very feminine and airy and these sort of tops work well with concealing a midsection you may be uncomfortable with for the time being, without making you appear larger than what you are, since the length is not extremely long. I'd also suggest this color pairing to all my cool toned ladies, even if you're petite, since the blue is not extremely light, it won't make you appear too young. Remember, as mentioned in my video on selecting the best colors for your hair and skin tone (watch HERE), pastels look great on you blondes, so I encourage you to embrace them this spring season! 



BLOUSE: Marshall's

LEGGINGS: Nordstrom Rack (they have the BEST selection of leggings)

SHOES: Nine West (Marshall's)

NECKLACE: Charming Charlie

BRACELET: Little Switzerland in Aruba



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