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Hello Beauties!

I hope you're all having an amazing weekend thus far! 

Last night, we had German for the first time and if you've never had it either, then I suggest you make note of the suggestions I'll be making here, because I'm sure that you'll love these dishes! At first, we were planning on having Croatian, but then we changed our minds. Eddie's been wanting to having authentic Australian food for quite some time now, I say this because the Outback Steakhouse is not considered authentic, it's more commercial. He came across this restaurant, thinking that it was Australian based on some descriptions on their website, but when we got there and I took a look around the place and a good look at the menu, I said, "uh, honey, I think this is German", lol! He, of course, kept assuring me that it wasn't, out of fear of having me get disappointed that we were at the wrong restaurant or he didn't do his date night homework! But, I was pretty curious, to say the least, about trying out German cuisine, since I've never. Being part Irish, I had an idea of what the food would entail, but I've heard that there's a bit of a difference between the foods, with the exception of potatoes, lol! 

Since we both were starring at the menu, not sure what we were going to have, and my mom wasn't there to make her suggestions, since she's had every ethnic food under the sun, I simply asked our waiter what he suggested. Both of his suggestions are the ones that we decided to have and we're glad we asked because it was ahhhhhhhmaaaaazing! Don't you get a little disappointed when you ask your server what he or she suggests and then you don't end up liking the dish and then you feel bad to say that you don't like it when he or she asks you how's everything?! Well, that definitely didn't happen this time! So here's what we had:

APPETIZER: Cheese Spaetzle (tastes like macaroni and cheese)

EDDIE'S ENTRÉE: Beef Gulash with potatoes

MY ENTRÉE: Sauerbraten (marinated pot roast with red cabbage and potatoes)

For dessert, we went to one of our favorite dessert spots in Park Slope, The Chocolate Room. We shared the fondue for two

The chocolate

As for my outfit, I've been feeling a bit funky lately, so I've been playing around with some pieces in my closet. I came up with this look centered around these statement pants that I wore back in the summer. From now on, I'll be trying to demonstrate how I transition pieces in my wardrobe from the different seasons here on the blog, by posting the looks next to one another, so you can see the difference and how I make them work in various seasons, in hopes of inspiring you to work with pieces in your closet when transitioning. 

Since I'm a pear shape, I have larger hips, but these pants have a natural square shape around the hip area, mainly because of the band on the waist. I placed a waist-belt over it, to prevent my stomach area from looking too square. I added the statement necklace to maintain interest on my upper body, which would otherwise become so lost with these pants stealing the show! I also chose to wear these pointed toe suade pumps because the point helps visually slim my hips and also because I wanted some texture and visual contrast. I would definitely suggest sporting a look like this if you're an apple or hourglass shapes. This would work for the apple, since it adds attention to your lower body, while visually minimizing the upper with the dark colors. I would suggest not pairing the look with pointed toe shoes as I did, since the bottom of the pants grip the ankle or calf area, which is generally slim on you, you don't want to look like you have noodle or chicken legs. So to add some volume, go for a chunky heel and/or shoe! 



BLAZER: Nordstrom Rack

PANTS: Marshall's

SHOES: Nine West (Outlet)


PURSE: Nordstrom Rack



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