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Hello beauties and thanks for stopping by!

Last night, Eddie and I decided that we wanted to have Cuban and we've been hearing about this Cuban restaurant, so we finally paid them a visit. I will be honest with you right off the bat, it was horrible! As you will notice down below, I only took two photos of the food, which were the appetizers, and I generally take pics of our entrées, so you guys can see everything that we ate. First, we were seated next to a group of ladies that were EXTREMELY loud. So we decided that there was nothing that we could do, since our hostess said that we wouldn't be able to sit anywhere else, and they looked like they were just having some fun catching up with one another. Next, we ordered our appetizers and we told our waitress what we wanted for entrées, as well. After about a half and hour of waiting for our appetizers, our entrées were brought out at the same time. Now, this may not be a big deal to some of you, but for us, it's our date night and we wait all week for this, we really don't like feeling rushed and giving us everything all at once, which has only ever happened to us once, most certainly makes us feel that way! So, we had the waitress hold the entrées in the kitchen, while we worked on our appetizers, they were delicious by the way! Once we received our entrées, I took one look at my fish and knew it was not the fish that I had ordered. I ordered salmon with a mango salsa topping and instead I received a white fish, which I believed it to be halibut, which was extremely over cooked. When I told the waitress, she admitted to me that the kitchen ran out of salmon and was sending out this fish, without telling the waiters or customers that they ran out, to all those who ordered the salmon. I eventually ended up speaking to the manager and explained that the chef should have informed the waitress and she would have told me and have given me the option to order something else. I also brought up a good point by mentioning, "what if I were allergic to this fish, whose responsibility would it have been if I had gotten sick?" He agreed that it would have been theirs and offered me another meal on them. I re-ordered a shrimp dish that was supposed to be sautéed in garlic, not only was there no garlic, but it had no seasoning and was disgusting, so we paid for what we owed and headed to the cheesecake factory for dessert. Do you care to guess if I will be recommending this restaurant to you guys? In case you're wondering, NOOOOOOOOO!

Now, on to my outfit! Since the weather has been so beautiful here in New York, I've been so excited in rotating my closet and breaking out some of my favorite spring time pieces. I decided to wear something floral, as I mentioned on my Facebook page, combined with leather, which by the way is one of the most wearable trends for this season off the runway! I paired the faux-leather skirt with black opaque tights and black patent leather heels to lengthen my legs, an all black bottom half, will help elongate your legs, so use this method on chillier nights, especially if your petite. The reason that I decided to wear patent leather pointed shoes was because I felt that the patent leather tied in nicely with the leather skirt. The floral blazer, containing all those beautiful spring colors, added just the right amount of color to complete the look.

APPETIZER: Stuffed plantain baskets (Four plantain baskets filled with chicken sofrito, ropa vieja, beef picadillo and shrimp

sofrito served with tomato-mayo.)

APPETIZER: Lobster stuffed avocado (Half an avocado stuffed with lobster and shrimp salad served with crispy tostones.)


What I Wore:

Floral blazer & flared faux-leather skirt: Marshall's

Opaque black tights: DKNY

Patent leather pointed toe shoes: Nine West

Black leather clutch: Michael Kors




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