Posted by Jalisa on Mar 29, 2013

Hi everyone!

I will be posting tonight's date night pics tomorrow, since we usually get back late and I'll be way too tired to upload. But, in the meantime, I wanted to share my thoughts on a company that reached out to me about a month ago, Uniqso. I told you guys in a previous post that I would be doing a review on a pair of earrings that they were going to send to me. So the earrings that I received were these adorable little birds. To be entirely honest with you, I don't see myself wearing these because I feel that they are a bit childish. Notice how I described them as being adorable. Not too many women would want their cosmetic pieces to be described as adorable, at least I wouldn't. That being said, I think this would be great for a child and I will be giving these to my step-daughter to wear. I don't want to just plainly say that I don't like them without giving much of an explanation of what I feel are the pros and cons to this website, for both you and the company. So here are my thoughts.

First, let's start off with the pros. I really like Uniqso's logo, with the lips and painted finger nail over them. I think that will definitely cause female consumers to take an interest in what the company has to offer. They also offer contact colored contact lenses (prescription as well) for those of you who are in to changing up your eye color occasionally. Now, moving on to the cons. I don't think that there are a wide selection of jewelry offered and the ones that are, appear a bit flimsy. As a manufacture located outside the United States, I feel that it's important to U.S. consumers, an others in other countries as well, to have a good quality selection of pieces. Especially with companies such as Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe that provide trendy, appealing, and affordable cosmetic jewelry. When a consumer has to pay for shipping, which would cause the price of the earrings to go up, they want to know that they're getting a good bang for their buck and I don't feel that they would get that with this company. Another con, I would say, would be the packaging. I previously stated that I really like Uniqso's logo, but the logo on the packaging mixed with tiles and teddy bears, send a mixed message. The logo is more appealing to an older more mature female audience, such as teenage and young adults. I'm assuming that they wouldn't want to purchase jewelry from a place that appears to be catering to their age range and receive something in a package that looks childish. My suggestion to the company would be to definitely work on revamping their packaging because us ladies look at those small details, especially when we order something online! 

So, would I refer you all or a friend to this company? I have to be honest and say not at this time.

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