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Happy Saturday Loves!

This week, we had Croatian for the first time and to be quite honest, I was a bit disappointed in our restaurant choice, considering that. This particular restaurant was not very traditional, which to me, defeats the purpose of stamping a specific ethnicity on any restaurant. I felt that the majority of the dishes offered, I could have gotten at any Italian or seafood place. There was nothing traditional about the seasoning, preparation, or stye, so I don't think that I'll be going back there. But, I do intend on trying another Croatian restaurant that will offer more ethnic dishes, so I will be checking out the menu in great detail prior to dining next time! 


MY DISH: The Halibut (it was pretty salty, I had to drench it in lemon!)


MY DESSERT: Croatian style crepes with Nutella

As for my outfit, I've been wanting to wear this pairing for quite some time now. Actually, ever since I purchased these shorts, which was about a month ago. I felt last night was the perfect night to finally wear it. You've heard me rave about this fur vest in two of my older YouTube videos; I'm absolutely in love with it and it's one of my cherished pieces. It does wonders for my figure, since I'm smaller on top and the waterfall effect creates more volume in that area where the largest parts of the flaps are. It didn't come with a waist belt, I chose to add it to emphasize my waistline, which I feel every woman should do! Of course depending on your figure is where you would place it, but all shapes and sizes can get away with wearing them.

I'd suggest a vest like this, even if it's not fur (this is faux fur by the way), for pear and rectangular shapes, for obvious reasons, it creates volume on the upper body. Apple and hourglass shapes would look great in simpler styles, although the hourglass could get away with the waterfall style as well, depending on the outfit of choice. Also, if you notice, my legs appear longer and leaner because I chose to wear black tights with black ankle boots, which creates the illusion of a smaller leg, so consider doing this if you are petite with shorter legs and a longer torso!

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SHIRT: Nordstrom Rack

VEST: Marshall's



BOOTS: Nine West Outlet

NECKLACE: New York & Company 

BRACELET: c/o or RDstyle (press preview hosted by RedLight PR)

WATCH: Michael Kors

PURSE: Nordstrom Rack 

LIPSTICK: Revlon's Va Va Violet #663




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