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Hey Ladies!

I hope you all are having a good start to your weekend! Can you believe that it's already November?! I know I can't. Time is flying by so quickly, so I've been making sure that I enjoy each day as it comes, since it comes and goes so fast!

Anyway, this week, Eddie and I went to a Brazilian steakhouse, Texas de Brazil. I'm sure some of you have heard or have been to this restaurant before, since they have many locations all throughout the states, as well as Aruba, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad and Tobago! It was our first time dining there and it won't be our last! The overall experience was great, from our server to the whole buffet arrangement. Speaking of buffet, many of the Brazilian restaurants we've gone to have been buffet style, and I believe it's because the Brazilian culture is so affectionate and familial that they want their guest to feel as though they're eating at home. What set this restaurant apart from the others we've been to, was that they provided small signs for each person at a table that was reversible. The green side indicated that the guest(s) wanted to have a sample of each of the various meats offered, which are twelve by the way! The red side meant that the guest(s) did not want to have any more meat, for the moment. My husband went crazy with this! I mean, I wasn't able to finish a piece of meat on my plate before he starting flipping both of our signs, lol! Every five seconds, "oh, oh, honey, they have ____!" FLIP, FLIP! So as you can imagine, I got pretty full fast! We did leave some room for dessert, however, which was suggested to us by our wonderful server, Tiffany, who again, was such a pleasure! 


For the outfit I chose, I wanted something a bit casual, since it was a commercial steakhouse. I decided to wear my high waisted black skinnies with the leather trim on the sides, which are extremely comfortable, along with my leopard print RD Style top, which you can see peeking through the bottom of my military inspired jacket. I was too cold to take the jacket off, to be honest. But the jacket was a nice touch, since it had the faux leather coated sleeves, which tied in nicely with the trim on the sides of my jeans. Of course I had to wear my Nine West Edytheo booties for like the trillionth time! I LOVE them so much! I've been wanting a pair like them for the longest time, which is why I think I keep reaching for them. Well, also because they go with practically every fall day/night outfit! 

I wanted to mention, if you are curvy on the bottom, such as a pear or hourglass shape, you want to wear jeans that have trims on the sides, which of course brings attention to your wider hips. You want to wear something up top that will provide some sort of interest and/or volume, which is why I selected the leopard print top, as well as the jacket with the contrasted sleeves. Avoid wearing tops that are plain because it will cause the eye to focus in on the contrast on your jeans, unless you choose to wear a nice big statement necklace or earrings, then this would be an exception that'll work well! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I will see you for Monday's video/post! 


JACKET: Marshall's

TOP: RD Style

JEANS: Marshall's

BOOTS: Nine West Outlet

PURSE: Nordstrom Rack 



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