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As many of you know, I attended the Red Light PR's Spring 2014 Press Preview on Tuesday. I always have such an amazing time and experience when I attend their events, especially since they always feature such amazing designers and brands. Many of the designers created pieces that would suit a wide range of ages, which I appreciated since my followers are between the ages of 18-40. 

I took some photos with some of my favorite pieces from the collections shown, so you can see which ones were my personal fav. 

What's not to love about this dress?! Honestly, it's just down right gorgeous. It's by the brand Forever Unique (SHIMMER-Long Sleeve Sequin Dress). Yes, this is the same dress worn by Miley Cyrus on the cover of UK December 2013 Cosmopolitan.

What I loved about this dress was that it's perfect for every body shape with a petite frame. The reason is because it has interest going on up top with the embellishments  as well as the dramatic skirt on the bottom, and the length is ideal for a petite, since it's above the knee. I also loved how it had an embellished belt around the waistline, which is great, especially for you rectangular shapes!


I thought this dress to be fun and playful because of the color and pattern combination. Perfect for those hot summer days or a walk on the boardwalk. I would definitely suggest a dress like this for all you cool toned beauties. If you're not sure if you are cool toned, watch my video on wearing the best colors for your skin-tone and hair-tone HERE!

I fell in love with this skirt the moment I saw those studs peeking through the side of the clothing rack. I felt it would look amazing paired with either black or grey opaque tights. I'd suggest grey if you are a petite, to create the illusion of longer legs! This would be great for all you apple shapes since it has a lot of detailing going on and could be easily paired with a black top, which of course has a slimming effect, to cause the attention to be placed on the statement skirt. 


Bariano is an Australian based brand with a gorgeous selection of reasonably priced dresses and pieces, for the quality. So I'd suggest you take a look at their site if you are planning on attending a formal event, such as prom! They have two separate collections and the dress below is from their LUMIER collection. 

What I loved about this dress was of course the sequins, but it's not just any ordinary sequin dress. When you brush your hand upward against it, it becomes a black velvet dress, which I felt was pretty cool!

I loved the Grecian style of this dress which is very light weight and airy, perfect for a spring or summer occasion  I also loved the gold trim around the neckline and bust, which is perfect for all you pear, rectangular, and hourglass shapes. It also takes the place of a necklace, making it an easy look to wear!

I loved the color combination and jacquard fabric of the dress, mainly because I felt it made for a good transitional piece from late winter into early spring. Since it's jacquard, you'd be able to wear this to semi-formal events, such as a wedding or dinner. It's perfect for pear and hourglass shapes, since it has the contrasted outlining around the dress and has an a-line skirt, which won't cling to your curvaceous hips, which would otherwise add more volume. You can find the dress HERE!


Just by looking at this dress, you can tell why I fell in love! First, I loved the color contrast with the orange and black, as well as the cut out detailing on the bustier. This is one of their number one selling dresses, again, for obvious reasons, it's fab! Plus, a pear or hourglass shape would rock it like nobody's business! 


Snow Sugar is a skiing brand that caters to the needs of ever chic skier out there! They have full ranged one piece suits or jackets, of various lengths and colors. I fell in love and now have a reason to go out and learn how to ski asap! 


Since we're talking about cold weather, Khombu is a boot brand that provides style AND warmth for all ages, boys, girl, men, and women! A brand that can cater to the needs of the entire family! 


This is such a fun and unique accessories line that brings out our inner child, yet keeping things stylish at the same time! As you can see, all the pieces have a gummy bear pendant in a variety of styles and colors. They provide pieces that look a bit more sophisticated, such as the bracelet and necklace, which was featured in this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! 


A gorgeous accessories line, which offers such beautiful statement pieces that can transform the simplest outfit to the most stylish and trendy, at an affordable price! Take a look at some more of their statement pieces HERE!


I'm really excited about trying this hair line out, since I never had. I've seen their products in stores and loved the packaging, but for some reason, I never gave them a try. I will, however, be doing so now! I'll be giving you guys some updates on how I like each product I received, so you'll know if it would be best for you, before you go out and purchase it! 


Of course one of the perks of attending events is that I receive goodie bags and become introduced to brands that I've either never tried or heard of before. That also enables me to voice my opinion to you on various brands and if they're worth giving a try, so you don't have to spend and not know what you'll receive in return! 

Thank you all for stopping by and reading about my experience and thoughts on each of these brands! I hope I introduced you to some unfamiliar brands that you'll hopefully try and please let me know if you do! 



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