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Hello Darling Dolls!

For today's look, I went with a nice blend of spring and winter colors, which I felt worked well for this time of year. Since spring isn't too far away, you can surely get away with blending those light pastels with bold and daring colors, as I did here. I chose to work with a lot of black to intensify the look more, plus, the cardigan, which has the coral color throughout, also had some black mixed in. I think it would look great with basically any pastel or summer color, such as mint or lavender. Just as we use our summer pieces to carry over into the fall season, we can most certainly do the same as we slowy begin to transition into spring.

So what do you think? Would YOU create a look using pastels and darker colors, such as black and grey? 



CARDIGAN: Nordstrom Rack

PANTS: Arden B.

BELT: Michael Kors

BOOTS: Nine West's Edytheo (outlet store)




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