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BLOUSE: Marshalls // FUR VEST: TjMaxx // LEGGINGS: Daily Look // SHOES: Ralph Lauren (Marshalls) // PURSE: Michael Kors 


*The color for the purse shoes up purple, but it's available in a simialr color to the one I'm wearing here!

Happy Valentine's Day, my loves!

Do you have something special planned later? You know, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a celebration of only romanic love, although if you're in a relationship or marriage, that's awesome, but it could certainly be a day of just celebrating the ones you love, a general day of love! So if you're not in a relationship and don't have a "valentine", don't worry or feel bad, try calling up some of your single girlfriends or family members and make it a day of celebrating the relationships you have with each other! If you still have no one, babes, I'll be your valentine! I love you all greatly and appreciate all of your love and support, so I would love to be your valentine! 

Now you probably noticed how much I've been wearing this purse lately! I purchased it before the holidays at TjMaxx and I don't know, I just have been finding myself reaching for it a lot these past few days. I've been getting some questions from some of you on social media about the specifics, it's by Michael Kors and it's called the Selma; the color is pomegranate, although I think it looks more like orchid or violet in color. This color is no longer sold in stores or on the website, but you can try googling it and seeing if you can possibly find a seller on either eBay or Poshmark. If I come across a seller, I'll let you know. 

For the look, I knew that I wanted to pair the purse with blue because I think it looks so beautiful and perfect during this time of year. I ultimately decided that I wanted to go with a mix of different shades of blue and some gold accents in jewelry; I do have one bracelet that's silver, but has a turquoise stone, which I felt looked amazing with the look. I hope these past few outfits featuring this purse (color) has given you some ideas on wearing a color like this, even if it's not in a purse, rather a blouse or scarf, you can use some of the color pairing ideas to create your own look! 

As always, I thank you so much for stopping by! Check back Monday, I'll have a post covering a show I'll be attending for NYFW '15 tomorrow, but make sure you're following me on FacebookInstagram, & Twitter, so that you can get updates in between! 


Lots of Love,

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