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DRESS: Sans Souci (Marshalls) // SCARF: Jones New York (Marshalls) // WAIST-BELT: New York & Company // BEADED BRACELETS: Gifted by a friend BOOTS: COACH (6pm: HERE)

Hey guys!

I purchased this midi dress a while ago and had intentions of wearing it with something on top, such as a jacket, blazer, etc. The reason was mainly because on it's own, it does absolute NO justice for my body shape. I am a pear shape with a long torso, so I have that shelf like appearance that can exaggerate the width of my hips and this dress didn't help in that area, it made it more noticeable! I wore it one other time and that was with a denim blazer and this time around, I decided to wear a scarf draped across the back of my neck and cinched in with a waist-belt and it did the trick! This is not only a great way to create some visual balance for all my pear and hourglass shapes (in the bust) and dimension for both my rectangular (in the bust & thighs) apple (in the thighs) shapes, but just a very unique and boho like way to wear a scarf. What gave me this idea was a fellow Keaton Row stylist who I follow on Instagram, Denis, who used this method on one of his clients he posted a photo of on his feed. Then, I saw my muse (Olivia Palermo) wearing it this way and was like, yup, totally sporting this look, haha! 

To create a cohesive look, you can try wearing a scarf that is one of the colors that's featured within your dress, if yours is multicolored like mine. If it isn't, then you could just select a color that would compliment the solid color of your dress, which doesn't have to be form fitting like the one; you can totally rock this idea with a more flowy dress to really up the ante on that Bohemian vibe! 

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