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Happy New Year my beautiful friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are off to a great start to 2020! I can't believe we're in the start of a brand new decade as well! My life has changed tremendously over the course of the past ten years (21-31). In fact, my life is anything but what I'd thought it would be, but for the BETTER! Have you ever made goals for what you wanted to achieve in a year or two only to look back and think it didn't necessarily go as planned, but you're glad it played out the way it did?

That said, I don't really make New Year's resolutions per se because I feel that each day we have the opportunity to start over and do something differently, but I do believe in setting short and longterm plans, which you can start doing at any point in time; but since everyone's focus is on resolutions right now, it's a great time to discuss.

I've lived without really setting plans and aspirations, just living day by day, as well as having set out goals written down and I do find that when you have somewhat of an idea of where you'd like to be or what you'd want to achieve, you have a stronger sense of purpose and it strengthens your discipline and drive. The reason I emphasized writing down your plans is because it's so encouraging to look back on those plans months or even years later to see how much has changed. You may or may not be where you want, but your mindset will surely be different and hopefully for the better. Know that everything truly does happen for a reason, as cliché as it may sound, and it's always to get out the muck and mire, while further strengthening our great qualities. So, I hope all that you aspire to do today, tomorrow, this year and over the course of the next decade will come true and make you a better version of yourself all throughout your journey.

Now to chat a bit about what's been going on these past couple of months with me! It's been a whirlwind really. Ariah turned 6 months and don't even ask me how THAT happened so fast because I have no idea! Life goes at an even faster pace when you have two little ones (especially so close in age). The holidays were much more fulfilling and fun, especially since Aviah (my toddler for those of you new around here, welcome btw!) is two and really GOT IT this year. She loved baking sugar cookies and frosting them and jamming out to Christmas music almost daily. I went all out this year with the decor, which I regrettably didn't share on IG stories. Next year ;) I was just so caught up in the moments, putting the phone down a lot more and I have no regrets.

Please share what you did this holiday season and what are some of your goals for 2020 or just for your life in general. Thanks so much for stopping by, my sweet friends. I'm glad to be getting back into the swing of things and hope to see you all in my next post on Wednesday! 


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