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Hello beauties!

I know it's been a while since I've done a W3 post, but I'm back with yet another idea or suggestion for your work wardrobe. Now I know that sack dresses haven't had much of a good reputation in being stylish, but I think that they can do wonders for a non-curvaceous body. Since these types of dresses have a natural band that separates the top portion of the dress from the bottom, it automatically creates shape, which is perfect and easy to accomplish for you rectangular/boy shaped ladies out there. The trick to styling a dress like this without it looking old lady-ish or like a potato sack, would be to add a waist belt of some sort, to enhance the folding of the top portion of the dress, as well as to add some interest and contrast. 

So there you go, you can add dimension to your upper body in seconds, no plastic surgery required ;)

*I do NOT suggest this style dress for you apple shaped ladies, it'll make you look wider on top, since you naturally have a wide back and shoulders and this dress has a lot of dimension on top!


DRESS: Michael Kors (Marshall's)

SHOES: Fergie (Macy's)

PURSE: Michael Kors (Marshall's)




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