Posted by Jalisa on Apr 03, 2013

Good morning sweet loves!

This week's W3 post is about finding the RIGHT blazer for work that compliments your body shape! You might be asking, "well, how do you know my body shape to say that these blazers are right for me?" These blazers, shown here, are right for everyone. The reason is because it highlights and/or enhances the right parts of every woman's body, regardless of their shape (pear, apple, hourglass, or boy-rectangular). It is extremely important to have at least one blazer in your closet, preferably black, since it goes with anything and everything! Depending on your work environment, you might not have to wear a blazer or suit, however, you can still wear them for those holiday parties at the office or throw it over a simple top, when spending after hours with some friends or colleagues. Simply put, blazers are essential and extremely versatile and these days, extremely affordable! 

The blazers shown below will work with your body shape because they focus the eye on the right parts, while taking away attention from any problem areas. First, notice how the collars are inverted, there's a side paneling on each side of the breast area, as well as the puffed shoulder detailing. This brings attention to the upper chest area, which if you watched my body shape series (watch here), you'd remember that I said this is the most flattering part of every woman. This strategy is perfect for pear shaped women, because it brings attention away from your larger hips and to your upper body. The side breast detailing/folding, will also give the appearance of a larger bust, with no plastic surgery needed!!! Next, notice how the blazer has a natural tapered effect, similar to a peplum style, but the cinch is much higher. This will create a waist line for boy-rectangular shaped women, since those who fall into this category have a lack of or no visible waistline. The side paneling will also create a larger bust for this body shape, as well! Now, the apple shaped woman is naturally larger in the bust than any other area on her body, which this blazer will only enhance. You know how much I stress the importance of creating a balanced out frame, so the cinched in or tapered waist with the centered button, will create the illusion of a smaller and more curved waistline. Also, if you look at the back of the blazer, you'll notice the pleats, as well as how it flares out towards the tush area. This will create the appearance of some curves in the back, which is good for both the apple and boy-rectangular shaped women, since they lack curves in the lower area or tush. For the hourglass, this blazer will simply enhance everything! Since the hourglass is for the most part, well balanced, this will only further enhance her natural shape.

So what have we learned today? Not all blazers are created equal. While you don't need to have a blazer collection that only has this particular shape, I chose to discuss and show it, so that you can keep this in mind while shopping and possibly add this style to your current collection. This further proves that we do not need to go out an have plastic surgery to make parts of our body more "attractive." Just like makeup creates a visual illusion, since you have the option to contour and/or highlight certain areas of your face, to create balance, the same is true for your figure. My goal in everything that I do here is to help you realize how beautiful you are and to dress to please yourself, first! 


As always, have an amazing day at work and I hope that I helped to put a smile on your face :)

Blazer Details:

Fashion double collar flared hem long sleeves one button blazer for women ( -currently both are out of stock)


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