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Hello fashionistas!

Generally, when I post pictures of my outfits of the day, I explain what I'm wearing and how you can wear it too, regardless of your body shape. But then there are times when I share a little more of myself with you, in hopes of inspiring you all and developing a greater connection with you; this will be that kind of post. Yesterday, I was sitting down thinking about some stressful things going, we ALL have them! As I was thinking about what's been going on, I purposed to also think about what's positive in those situations, as stressful and intense as they may be. You see, I purposed to make myself find the good in the bad. So I thought and said out loud, " this ____ is stressing me out, but at least I have ____. I started to then become more mindful of all the good that I have going on in my life, in-spite of the bad. I believe when we purpose to force ourselves to see beyond the problems we're facing, we begin to mentally hammer those problems down with our positive thinking and gratitude, which is the hammer.

Now that we've chatted a bit, let me explain why this outfit "works."


Do you guys notice how for some reason, I appear a bit busty, lol? Well, the reason is because this top has no shape of its own, it's just very flowy. The balloon sleeves add more visual volume up top, and the statement necklace with the animal print pendant, adds some additional interest. The pop of color on my lips, also maintains interest to my upper body. These jegging style cargos are from H&M. I highly recommend their jeans, as this not my only pair, if you have larger hips, a small waist, and a booty. They fit this type of body perfectly (pear and hourglass). I chose this lemon yellow top with these pants because since the pants are olive, they have a yellow undertone, which I felt worked well. The shoes I wore have practically gone to battle with me, I've had them for ages! They have a very similar leopard print going on as the pendant, and also adds interest to the very bottom half of my body, as well as the side zippers on the pants. 


TOP: Victoria's Secret


SHOES: Annie Sez


LIPSTICK: Revlon's Créme #720 Fire & Ice




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