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Hello Loves!

You've been reading about my obsession of fur vests for the past few days now. It's a piece that I genuinely love and I highly suggest you get your hands on one and fast, since they're always popular during these fall months and when stores get them, especially in brown, they tend to sell out quickly. Although brown is a common favorite when it comes to vests, black is just as versatile, but has a more classy feel to it, as opposed to the browns, which can have a more casual element, especially when they're in lighter shades of brown. Because of this, it makes for a great addition to your work wardrobe. It can easily take the place of a blazer or cardigan, providing warmth and professionalism, as well as a glam finishing touch! 

I created this look in hopes of inspiring you when creating a work look centered around a black fur vest, although you can of course wear any color you have or can get your hands on! This look is professional, sophisticated, and down right fabulous, simply because it has the luxurious texture in the fur (we work with faux!), leopard print, and bold red color combination. The polka dotted blouse adds a bit of a retro style, which ties in perfectly with the other chic pieces, working together to create this overall glamorous work look, without being over the top for the office! 

I hope you like the look and attempt to recreate it on yourselves!


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