Hello Gorgeous!

This week's video is on a topic that has been highly requested, ever since I uploaded my video on selecting the best jeans for your body shape video. I had mentioned to many of you that I had wanted to get a mannequin first because I felt it would be easier to explain that way, but I decided that it would be easier if I just modeled the different rises for you, so you can see how it looks on an actual person, perhaps similar to your shape. Plus, since I kicked off the new year by uploading a video that was requested last week, I thought it be great to continue on with another requested video, after all, I do this for YOU! 

JEAN #1:

The first jean that I modeled is by Guess and it's their Foxy Flare~Flare Leg jean. Guess is a brand that I highly suggest if you are a pear or hourglass shape. They have so many different selections and I never have to wear a belt when wearing them. As mentioned in the video, low-rise or "hiphuggers" are ideal for these shapes because they hit right below the hip bones helping to avoid a gaping effect. They also have a tendency to help the hips look less wide and when combined with a darker wash, like the one I'm wearing, it'll provide a nice slimming effect! 

JEAN #2:

The second jean I modeled is by H&M and it's their skinny low waisted jean. H&M also offers a nice selection of comfortable jeans, with a nice stretch. However, I wouldn't highly suggest them. As mentioned in the video, these are great if you are a rectangular shape, since it provides some contouring around the waist and hip area, since you are for the most part straight up and down. This will help create and/or reinforce a waistline for you. I also suggested these for my pear and hourglass ladies as well, since they are much like the low-rise in the front, but provide a great amount of coverage in the back, which is important for these two shapes. 

JEAN #3:

The last jean I modeled and discussed is by 1st Kiss and they can often be found at off priced stores, such as Marshall's, TJMAXX, and The Burlington Coat Factory. They are quite comfortable, but aren't as high quality as Guess. I mentioned in the video that mid-rise jeans, such as these, are great if you are an apple shape, since they help conceal a larger tummy and love handles around your back area. Any shape can of course wear these, since they are universal, but again, they are the most ideal for the apple shape.



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