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PLAID SHIRT: Marshalls // SWEATER: c/o RD Style // VELVET PANTS: Kut from the Cloth (Nordstrom Rack? // BUTTERFLY BRACELET: Lucky Brand outlet store // BOOTS: Coach // PURSE: Louis Vuitton Alma GM


Hey Girlies, 

Welcome back! Today's look is rather preppy, a style you don't see me sporting too often, although I am a fan. If you've been following me for a while, you'd know that my overall style is pretty eclectic, so I do experiment with different looks and trends quite often. I decided to create a look that features a warmer and earthier toned palette, perfect for this time of year. I personally love burgundy and olive, a combination that I feel is rather rich and somewhat luxurious. 

When we think of preppy, we often think of button down shirts under jumpers, patterns such as: plaid, gingham, argyle, or cardigans draped over the shoulders, so there is a bit of layering that's present. With this, a bit of a problem can arise in which we ask ourselves, "do I look too bulky?" Depending on your body shape and height, you may want to consider the materials you want to work with in creating this collegiate style. If the jumper (pull over) is thick in fabric, the addition of a button down collared shirt underneath can further exaggerate your upper body in a way that's not necessarily flattering for your figure. In the case of the pear shape, it may be ideal to work with a thicker jumper, since it'll help to balance out your hips by creating more volume or dimension up top. On the other hand, if you tend to have a more voluptuous or fuller upper body compared to your lower, in the case of the apple or inverted triangle, you may want to consider working with a thinner sweater; it'll prevent you from appearing top heavy. For the rectangular and hourglass shapes, it's pretty much what you prefer, since both your upper and lower portions are fairly balanced.

In regards to height, if you are petite and an apple shape, I would once again suggest working with a thinner sweater and one that has a v-neck to help lengthen the base of the body visually. When petite, it's easier to create a more exaggerated effect, whether that's the goal or not, so always consider this when creating an outfit.

So contrary to your belief, everyone can pull off this stye, regardless of your figure or height, as mentioned. One last thing to consider is the bottoms you select to pair with your layered shirt and sweater. If you a have fuller bust, perhaps you want to select a bottom that is lighter in color and experiment with the darker and richer tones up top. The lighter bottoms will help to highlight your lower body and prevent your upper from steeling the entire show. It's not about not embracing your figure, it's about maintaining and creating proportions, which always creates a chic and well put together look, as if your clothing have been tailored for your body.

I hope you all found this post helpful! Are you getting ready to ring in the New Year? Any New Year's resolutions? Feel free to share in the comments' section, I'd love to know!


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