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Hello ladies!

This week's W3 post is all about statement pieces, my favorite! I love the idea of wearing statement pieces in the office, especially in offices where there's a lot of client/customer interaction. The reason is because it adds for a great conversation or ice breaker. I also feel, as I mentioned last week with the patterned blazer, clients/customers would tend to feel a bit more at ease and relaxed if working with someone who has something interesting going on with their outfit. I know it may seem a bit far fetched, but it's the truth! Imagine you're going into an intimidating place or a place that has a not so good reputation with customer service, like the DMV (lol) and the person who is assisting you has a nice necklace or pin on, when you compliment her, she's more inclined to loosen up with you, right?! So I'm sure you'd do the same in the opposite situation! When I worked retail, many of my clients had a hard time remembering my name, and I worked on an odd form of commission. So when they were asked at the register who had assisted them, they didn't remember my name, but they would mention my jewelry or outfit, do you see where I'm going with this?! 

You can definitely pull of a piece of statement jewelry, if it's one piece. Once you start to add too much, you could end up looking like Mr. T and that's not such a good thing! As you can see in the pics, I have the beautiful statement necklace, but I'm wearing stud earrings and I'm not wearing a bracelet or rings. In my case, the rhinestones on the cardigan, which add a nice soft touch, and the combination of the chunky necklace is enough! 

Well this completes this week's W3 post, I hope you all have a wonderful and productive work week filled with many opportunities!


CARDIGAN: Express (I love their cardigans!

SKIRT: Ann Taylor Loft (old)

SHOES: Nine West (Marshall's)

NECKLACE: Charming Charlie

PURSE: Tory Burch (Amanda Tote)




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