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Hello fabulous ladies!

I had those of you who wear black uniforms or have to wear black clothing to work in mind for this post. I can't stress the importance of adding some interest to your look, if you have to wear a specific base color, in this case, black. Of course, this is for those of you who can wear a different colored top, but may have to wear a black suit or black pants. I know it can be challenging in expressing your love for fashion and individuality, when restricted with colors, but where there's wiggle room, take full advantage of it! 

I chose a top that not only offered pattern, but also color. However, if you're only allowed to wear black and white "colors", including your tops, then by all means, wear blouses or tops that have beautiful and interesting black and white prints, to prevent the outfit from looking boring. I also suggest you consider the fabrics you wear as well. This too can help enhance a rather plain look. So if you're only able to wear a plain white top, consider a white blouse that's silk, once in a while. The sheen silky appearance will add some interest, while staying within your dress code. The top that I'm wearing here, offers both sheen and print, which can be done and won't appear "too much." I love the way jeweled tone or vibrant colors look up against black; I feel that it allows the color to truly pop. So I would say take full advantage of this, if you're a person who loves color, as much as I do, then stick with rich colors and luxurious fabrics. 

If you're job is extremely particular and you are not allowed to wear any "color" other than black, but are allowed to wear colored accessories, consider wearing a necklace similar to the one I'm wearing here, or of course, colored earrings and bracelets, for some subtle pops of color.

I hope I gave you all some ideas in working with your work wear and like I said, where there's wiggle room, take full advantage! 



BLOUSE: New York & Company (ALWAYS offer AMAZING blouses for work. I suggest shopping in store!)

SKIRT: Express (I LOVE their pencil skirts!!!)

SHOES: Nine West Freda pump (SUPER COMFY) 

NECKLACE: Ann Taylor Loft


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