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Hello Ladies!

I trust that everyone is having a good and productive day thus far! If not, it'll get better, as long as you focus on what has gone right today, instead of all the wrong ;)

Today's look was created for all of you who have to wear black trousers to work. I know there are many jobs that require this, so I wanted to demonstrate how you'd be able to still add some interest to your otherwise simple look. When working with basic, solid colored pants, I always suggest working with colors and patterns on top. Your body shape, however, will have a lot to do with the size and color placement. Let me further explain.

If you are an apple or inverted triangle, you want to focus on wearing smaller prints, like what I'm wearing here:

So when working with polka dots, for example, you want to look for smaller dotted prints, rather than larger. The opposite is true when working with the pear shape. If you are a pear, you want to do the exact opposite. Wear prints and patterns that are larger, to bring more attention upwards, while creating some dimension. 

It must be noted that all of the focus should not be placed on your patterned/printed/colored tops, since the trousers are equally important, especially in the case of the apple & inverted triangle, when creating too much attention to the upper body should be avoided. If you are either of those two shapes, go for trousers that are a bit wider to balance out the width of the shoulders and trunk of the body. This will also prevent the hips from appearing too narrow, which both shapes naturally have. I would suggest the same for the pear shape as well, since wider pant legs can help balance out the width of the hips. As for the rectangular or hourglass shapes, thinner or skinnier legged pants would work great paired with a printed top, since the upper and lower portions are relatively balanced. 

When styling sweaters, feel free to add a thin waist belt (larger ones can make the sweater appear too bulky), to further emphasize the waist of the pear or hourglass or to virtually create one, in the case of the apple, inverted triangle, and rectangular shapes. 



SWEATER: c/o AMI Clubwear


BLACK TROUSERS: Victoria's Secret (okay quality, not an "investment pair, as mentioned in this week's video)

SHOES: Nine West 


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