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CARDIGAN: Marshalls// SHIRT: Max Studio (Marshalls)// JEANS: New York & Company (HERE)// SCARF: Steve Madden (Marshalls)// RAIN BOOTS: Coach// PURSE: Louis Vuitton Trevi GM 


Hey Girlies, 

This is a look I wore yesterday, which was a very gloomy and rainy day, however, the temperature wasn't too bad, which was nice! Since it was unusually mild, I was able to ditch the heavy coat and instead, wore this black waterfall cardigan I've had sitting in my closet for ages. Waterfall cardigans are a great way to add some dimension to both your upper and lower half, in a less dramatic way. It also helps to visually elongate the trunk of the body, making it appear longer and leaner, especially when worn in black! I decided to wear a striped t-shirt underneath with a pop of color in my scarf, to add some contrast between the shirt and cardigan, but let's further discuss the striped tee. The stripes in the shirt I'm wearing are horizontal, which will obviously cause the eye to move across the top of the body in most cases and as a result, certain body shapes, such as the apple, inverted triangle, and rectangular shapes can appear even wider than they naturally are, but this doesn't necessarily mean that those of you who have these shapes can't wear them. I generally prefer suggesting vertical stripes for the shapes listed above, but they can be a tad difficult to find in a casual tee (they tend to be more popular in dressier or collared blouses) and so, I would suggest selecting a tee that has black as the base and white for the stripes, exactly the opposite in color pattern than what you see in my shirt. The black will visually slim the area and since the white (remember, white highlights) stripes are rather thin, you won't have to worry about will appearing larger! Check out an alternative look I created based on this suggestion. I also changed the style of cardigan to a cocoon, which will help add some visual width to the hip area ;)


It's amazing to me how much the little things in our clothing can make such a huge difference and I believe that's why I'm so passionate about discussing and providing suggestions or styling mechanisms and clothing for the different body shapes.

Since I'm wearing dark denim jeans, this look would definitely be appropriate for a rainy dress down day at work. It reads casual, fun, yet put-together at the same time. I added my favorite Coach rain boots to tie in with the hot pink infinity scarf I wore and loved the way the look turned out. As mentioned in the is week's video, this Louis Vuitton damier printed purse goes great with the look, but I also did mention that the shape of the purse can either make the look casual or dressy and with this particular style, the Trevi GM, the looks appears a bit more dressed up, which is why I would consider perhaps the Neverfull purse as a possible everyday purse for this particular print, since it's large enough for anything you'd possibly need, if you were considering purchasing one this season :)

I hope you all loved the look and that it inspired you to recreate it! Thanks so much for stopping by and showing love!


XO- Jalisa

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