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FAUX LEATHER JACKET: BLANKNYC (Bloomingdales// DRESS: Sans Soucci (Marshalls// SHOES: GUESS (Macy's// RING: TjMaxx (gifted)


Happy Saturday everyone!

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend so far. This look will hopefully give you an idea of what you can wear tonight, if you're planning on going out, but stumped on what to wear. You know, the common problem us women have, a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear! I purchased this vegan leather jacket sometime during the beginning of April. It was honestly love at first sight! I have been searching for a pink leather jacket for what seems like forever and I just hadn't found one I really liked, until I saw this one! I've been reaching for it so much lately and I'm surprised to have learned that it goes with a lot more than one might think; I'll try to include more looks featuring it, so you can see for yourselves.

Now I know the odds of you all having a printed dress with the same exact color scheme is unlikely, but it can at least give you an idea of some colors it would look great with, such as green and blue, two colors found in the dress. If you don't have a pink leather jacket, a pink blazer would work just as well. Below are some suggestions of looks I created for the different body shapes, I am wearing the pear shaped version. 

Why this look works for the apple shape? Since this particular jacket has an extended color and has more of a moto style, which can add some visual weight to the bust area of the apple shape, I selected a dress with a v-neck, which will counteract that effect. The v-neck helps to elongate the bust area and trunk of the body, making it appear slimmer and narrow. Not only is the dress a v-neck, it also has a fold over detail at the bust, which helps to visually slim the bust area. Lastly, the dress is a bit shorter and I encourage you apple shapes to wear shorter dress and skirts, of course being tasteful, because you all gave killer legs, show them off! As for the shoes, I gave you two options. If you want to wear pink, as I did, then these studded ones by Steve Madden are perfect! They are chunky and a bit edgy, which I love. Plus, since they're chunky, they will help add some visual weight to your legs, essentially balancing out your upper portion. If you're not fond of those, then these black beaded ones by Sam Edelman are a perfect alternative! They're perfect for spring/summer and the detail will help draw attention to those legs!

Both the rectangular and hourglass shapes can wear much of the same pieces, since both shapes are pretty much symmetrical. The main difference between the two is the waistline. The rectangular shape doesn't have an as defined waistline as the hourglass shape does, which isn't a big deal, since one can be achieved through simple styling strategies. Since the jacket falls around the waistline, it will create a mid focal point for the rectangular shape (essentially creating that waistline), while re-emphasizing it for the hourglass shape. Lastly, I selected these Ivanka Trump sandals with multicolored straps in the front to tie in with the dress, while adding some different color. The base of the shoe is back, so it doesn't look too much. If you're uncomfortable wearing a bit more color, which I encourage you all to step outside your comfort zone, select a basic black sandal and it would also work.


I hope you enjoyed this post and use it as a guide in getting ready for tonight, you're gunna look fabulous dahling! 

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