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CARDIGAN: Nordstrom Rack // SCARF: Charming Charlie // BELT: New York & Company // PANTS: ZARA // SHOES: Nine West // PURSE: Louis Vuitton 



One of my newly discovered color combinations this time of year is hot pink and brown. It's a combination that I don't see often, which is surprising since it's so beautiful and unique. I think it's a perfect option, especially during this time of year, when spring is not too far along; I so desperately wish she'd run to me instead of slowly walking! I also believe that this color pairing would look fantastic on every skin-tone and is perfect for work and school. It reads fun, yet professional at the same time. 

The inspiration all stemmed from this cardigan I had for a while now. I figured it would look great with a pair of brown leather pants and then decided to finish off the look with a pair of complimenting pumps, one of my faves! To dress up the look, I belted the cardigan, which redefined my waistline, a method all of us can use, regardless of body shape, size, or height. Plus, it helps the look appear more polished and put together. After all was done, I looked in the mirror and said, "girl, you need a scarf, as much as you think it's Spring in your head, it ain't!" Yes, I talk to myself, more than I'd probably like to admit. I'm one of those who talks out loud in the supermarket, while looking for what's on my list, haha. Don't judge, you know you've done it! Anyway, I then searched through my scarf collection and decided to go for this two toned leopard printed scarf. I thought the colors would work great and would add even more interest, because of the pattern mixture between it and the cardigan. Finally, to complete the entire outfit, I matched my purse to the color scheme, opting for this Louis Vuitton damier printed purse. 

What do YOU think of the pairing? I hope you like it! There are so many different ways you can recreate this look; check out a few alternatives:


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