Posted by Jalisa on Sep 10, 2014 under

Hey guys!

In the beginning of the year, I announced on my blog that orchid was the color of the year. It's a gorgeous hue of purple and I feel it's perfect for fall. I've also mentioned how orange is the new black this upcoming fall; it's a bold color that makes a bold statement and can take any plain look up a notch in an instant. When creating a look for today's post, I wanted to combine both the color of the year and the color of the season into one outfit. I wasn't sure how they'd blend, but I actually love the end result. I think the two colors compliment each other rather nicely and would make for a fantastic pairing this fall, would you agree? So take your work look up a notch by blending these two beautiful and bold colors and be anything but ordinary, simply because YOU are! 


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