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Hello Gorgeous Ladies!

Now, I know some of you may be a bit confused as to why there's a W3 post up today, since it's not Wednesday. The reason is that I'll most likely be attending an event tomorrow, which I'll be covering here on the blog. I said most likely because if you've been following the news lately, you've already heard that there's yet another snow storm heading to New York late tonight and won't stop until tomorrow afternoon. That being said, I still don't know if the event will be postponed for another date. I don't remember ever having experienced so many snow storms in such a short period of time. Our last one was yesterday! Not to mention that I believe the one coming my way tomorrow is number four. 

Anyway, moving right along to the subject of this week's W3 post, multifunctional pieces. I can't stress the importance of purchasing pieces that you could create both casual and business-casual looks with. It's kind of getting a good bang for your buck, since you can wear it in various ways/settings. I like to show you all how I style one piece in various ways, since I've noticed you guys really like those kind of posts, and also because it gives you some ideas on creating looks for both the office and leisure, if you have similar pieces or would like to keep my suggestions in mind for your next shopping trip. 

When I wore this look casually, I pretty much used the same color scheme, cobalt and pink. These two colors are complimentary colors, so they work and blend rather nicely, especially on you cool toned ladies. For the office look, I decided to pair the sweater, our multifunctional piece for this post, with a grey pencil skirt and grey opaque tights. To break up the darkness on the bottom, I chose to wear multicolor shoes that have a touch of pink and purple. 

I belted the sweater because it's an oversized ribbed sweater and in this case, as mentioned in this week's video, all you pair shapes could wear a thinner waist belt, like the one I'm wearing. Adding the waist-belt re-establishes our waistline, as well as adds a focal point that ties in with the color scheme we chose, cobalt and pink. I also want to point out that the grey works well with the cobalt pairing, since grey has a blue undertone, which is why again, all you cool toned beauties would look great in it. However, I do suggest you work with pops of color, like the pink, to prevent from looking ashy (all you darker ladies). 



SWEATER: Marshall's


TIGHTS: DKNY (outlet store)

SHOES: Nine West's Puravidao (outlet store)

NECKLACE: Charming Charlie




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