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VEST (FAUX FUR): TjMaxx//  LEATHER JACKET: Michael Kors (Marshall's)// TURTLE NECK: Marshalls// JEANS: New York & Company// BOOTS: Adrienne Vittadini (TjMaxx)// PURSE: Michael Kors (TjMaxx)// NECKLACE: Express


Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope you all are having an amazing start to the week so far. Let's start getting happy about Mondays; and every day for that matter because every day we have a chance to live and express ourselves freely in our clothing and in the outfits we put together. Today, I felt like wearing something a bit edgy and rocker chic, which is why I created this pairing. I also wanted to mix fabrics and textures because that is what fall and winter is all about, since layering helps warm us up more, especially on days when it's not necessary to wear a huge coat, but it's still a nippy! 

In my video on styling a fur vest (which you can watch here), I created a look similar to this, layering a fur vest over this leather jacket. The contrast in texture and color really helped to enhance the look I was going for. The vest helps to add some dimension, which is again great to amplify your fall or early winter look. I added the magenta colored purse to help bring out the subtle feminine vibe I wanted to create and establish ,and I loved how the cranberry vest and magenta looked together as well! 

When it comes to the different body shapes, I believe that this look would be great for all. The one thing I would suggest you pay attention and perhaps alter according to your height, are the boots. If you're petite, ankle boots look best, since they expose more of the leg. However, that doesn't mean you have to write off knee or thigh high boots. When wearing boots such as those, I would only suggest doing so if the boots are the same or within the same color scheme as your bottoms. For instance, if you wanted to recreate this look wearing black jeans or leggings, you could certainly get away with wearing taller boots, in fact, they would actually make you appear taller and leaner, since no one would be able to tell where the boots start and finish. 

Another thing to consider is if you have fuller calves. I wouldn't necessarily suggest wearing boots that stop around where the fullest part of your calves are because they'll only make them appear fuller, especially if you're petite and have full calves, they can make you appear short and stout. In a situtation like that, I would suggest boots that don't go any higher than your ankles. Again, these are only suggestions, at the end of the day, I want you to wear what you feel most comfortable and confident in :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you felt inspired!

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