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Hello beauties!

I personally believe that any person who has a true love for fashion and dressing shouldn't limit themselves to one particular style. The reason I feel this way is because fashion is more than just clothing, it's a way of expressing oneself, as well as exploring oneself. We, especially us women, experience an array of emotions on a daily basis, which we should sometimes try to captivate through our outfit pairings. Since we go through different experiences with those emotions daily, I think that fashion and styling should be another method of expressing that. Now, of course our location should be taken into consideration, since certain outfits may not be appropriate for our settings, regardless if the outfit is not provocative, which in my opinion, should never be the case, you all are just way too beautiful and classy for that!

I have been growing to embrace the style of vintage and have been creating outfits within that theme here and there. I love how these key pieces, such as the faux fur vest and boots can truly spice up and transform an outfit from chic to vintage, depending on how it's styled. I hope this pairing inspires you to branch out of your comfort zone in your closet and begin to mix and match pieces uniquely, since this is truly the art of fashion. 

When you consider your body shape, it all comes down to how the look is styled and put together. The goal should be a well balanced look that will cause the eye to go up and down, with points of interest in between. I've mentioned that the hourglass is the most coveted body shape, not because I think it's better than the rest, but it's visually balanced and those of us that do not have that body shape, should embrace the bodies and shapes we do have and work our closets and outfits around the idea of achieving that balance that the hourglass has naturally. Why need plastic surgery when we have clothes?! 

This pairing would work on all body shapes, including plus sized versions of those shapes. The reason is because we have three points of interest throughout the look. The fur vest is the top (great for those pear and rectangular ladies), the waist belt is the center (perfect for those apple, hourglass, and rectangular ladies), and the boots with detailing (perfect for all shapes). If you don't have a denim dress, you can still achieve a very similar look if you have a denim shirt and just add the vest on top as I did. You can pair the top with denim jeans that are a shade or two darker and it will still have the vintage vibe. When you work with pieces that offer volume, like this vest and you are an apple, you have to make sure that you have other points of interest, so that area of your body is not exaggerated! I've mentioned avoiding certain pieces for each shape, but I also provide methods and styling advice for those of you who really like those pieces and want to wear them regardless. 



FAUX FUR VEST: Marshall's

PURSE:  Alice & Joy (TJMAXX) HERE 

BOOTS: Just Fab Patagonia, Courtesy of (HERE)



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