Hello Beauties!

In this week's video, I combined two requests, one on dresses for your body shape, and the other on fall fashion outfit ideas. I hope you guys enjoy the video and find it helpful!

Tips mentioned in case you missed it:


1. Fit and flare dresses are flattering to all body shapes because they have an a-line skirt

2. A-line skirts are best for pear and hourglass shapes, since it skims the surface of the hips and doesn't add any unwanted volume or width

3. When working with a black dress add some interest to your look with pattern and/or color

4. Waist belts help redefine your waistline if you are a rectangular or apple shape

5. Apple shapes should place waist belts above the widest part of the stomach area, to avoid visually enlarging that area

6. Fit and flare dresses of knee length or higher are perfect for apple shapes, since they bring attention to one of your greatest assets, your legs!



1. The "potato sack dress" are not always unflattering. It depends on the way you style it, the color, and fabric.

2. You don't always need to add a waist belt to these types of dresses, since the cinching effect is so dramatic, but you can!

3. These dresses work great for pear shapes since they add volume to your bust area

4. These dresses work great for rectangular shapes since they add a waistline, as well as volume to the bust

5. These dresses work great for apple shapes since they can fold over the widest part of your stomach area, visually concealing it

6. Hourglasses can get away with this dress also, since it's not over exaggerating any parts of the body



1. Dresses that have attached waist belts add convenience

2. Dresses that have attached waist belts will enhance the waistline

3. Piping or detailing down the center of the bust areas will cause the stomach area to look less wide

4. When a waist-belt is combined with piping or detailing down the bust, it causes it to look uneven, creating a cinched effect

5. Always use hints of color when working with houndstooth, to add interest.




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