Hello Ladies!

Working with color and/or print can either seem exciting or intimidating, depending on how you view it. Often times, women are intimidated because they don't feel they can pull it off. The reason many feel this way is because they've most likely worn colors or patterns in the wrong places, which further highlighted areas that they were insecure about. That's where I come in! The fact is that color and pattern works for everyone, the key of course is selecting shades that are the most flattering for your skin and hair tone, as well as placing those pieces in areas that will help visually balance you out and divert the eye from focusing on areas you may not want. 

I created shoppable looks for all four body shapes. This should make shopping and styling that much more easier, as well as boosting your confidence in knowing that color and pattern can and does work for you! 

This pairing would look wonderful on a pear shape because all of the eye-catching attention is placed on top, where we want it, in this case! Since I selected black flared pants (which balance out the width of the hips), I didn't want the entire look to be boring, so I decided to add a zebra printed blazer to help further enhance the color of the orange cami. It looks classy in this case because of the the silhouette. I don't generally suggest zebra print for the office, since it can appear a bit funky and party like, but in this case, it works! 





In the case of the apple, it's best to place color and print on the lower portion, to divert the eye from focusing primarily on your voluptuous top! The wrap style blouse is figure flattering and is an apple shape girl's best friend, either in tops or dresses; they help visually slim the upper body overall! I selected a wide pant leg because it visually balances out a wider upper body, thus making the top portion appear slimmer and proportional. 




For all you rectangular shapes, texture can really help enhance your shape and create the enhancement of curves. I selected this fuzzy sweater, which will add some volume and dimension to the upper body, making it appear fuller. I selected printed pants to help maintain your proportions, essentially maintaining interest on both sections of your body. Since you have equal proportions on both your top and bottom, you hold the ultimate choice in whether you would like to enhance a specific area of your body or do so overall.





For all you hourglass shapes, I'd suggest the same tips as mentioned above for the rectangulars. Since you both have equally proportioned frames, you hold the choice of selecting where you'd like the main focus to be or if you'd like to maintain an equal balance, which I often suggest, especially in your case. In this look, we have patterns on both the top and bottom, but they don't clash and don't appear overbearing. The reason is because the print in the pant is subtle and smaller, while the top features more vibrant and larger patterns and colors. To further tone down the look, if you choose (depending on your work setting), I'd suggest wearing a basic solid colored blazer, it'll help tie the entire look together and appear more professional.  




I hope you enjoyed this post and style! Be sure to let me know if you do and I will certainly create more shoppable looks, according to each body shape!




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