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Good morning gorgeous people!

Last night, Eddie and I had the most wonderful time at a very simple restaurant, Red Lobster. We honestly had the best experience we've ever had there, the food was delicious, but we also had the best waiter! He was extremely friendly and he truly enjoys what he does. I think this society has things a bit twisted. We get overly impressed by positions people have and how much money they make, but are they truly happy?! I'm currently reading a wonderful book, Think Like Zuck: The Five Business Secrets of Facebook's Improbably Brilliant CEO Mark Zuckerberg, by Ekaterina Walker, and she mentions that a vast majority of people in the work force don't like what they do and it reflects in their work performance. They're just barely getting by in life and not doing what they truly enjoy because of what people might think of them if they did. Some may ask, why would this waiter, from Haiti by the way, be so happy "just" being a waiter at Red Lobster? Well, without someone like him serving us, we wouldn't have had a wonderful experience last night and probably wouldn't return to that location. I have a serious annoyance with people with hang-ups. We all need each other in this life, but we tend to devalue someone based upon what they do for a living...ugh! Anyway, let's move on to the food!

How many of you are obsessed with the cheddar bay biscuits? I honestly have practiced self-control so much that at this point, I'm ok with just having one and a half. Before, I would practically finish two baskets and my husband would only get one, if that, LOL! What brought us in was a coupon offer to buy one Lobster Fest meal and get another one of our choice half off (you can print it out on their website if you guys want to go sometime soon)! Not bad, right?! We ended up adding the cost of the other half of the meal as an addition to our waiter's tip. Since I discuss food once week, as part of my date night post, to share my full experience with all of you, not just what I wore, I wanted to just briefly discuss tipping. There are many people that don't know how much is enough and don't want to short change a server who has been really good to them, so I will explain. We generally give 15%, but add on to that if the person has been great or outstanding, as our's was last night. I don't think many people know, but waiters don't get paid minimum wage! They most likely get somewhere around $3.00-$5.00hr and the rest is dependent on their tips. This is why some will get upset if someone doesn't tip or gives them a bad one. If you know you'll be going to the restaurant again, you should tip well. The server will remember you and they will make an effort to prioritize you, the next time you stop by. You always want to be friendly to the people who control or oversee your food and what goes into your body (hint,hint)!

Since Red Lobster isn't the most fanciest restaurant, I didn't want to get overly dressed, but I still wanted to have fun, since this is my once a week date night! So I chose to pair these vibrant blue velvet skinnies with a black embellished top and a leather jacket. The black on top and bottom was balanced out rather nicely, since I had the color going on in the middle. If you are large in your lower area and don't feel comfortable wearing bold colors to bring further attention, then you could opt for a pair of black skinnies and a vibrant blue top. Change the color focus to wherever you feel confident! Confidence is something that always shows and sometimes you need to fake it in order to make yourself "feel"it. Never go by your emotions, they will lie to you most of the time ;)

This was Eddie's, I don't remember the name of it

My entrée was the Lobster Bake (made for a REAL seafood lover)

Essie's Stroke of Brilliance on top of Bikini So Teeny 

Outfit Details:

Michael Kors top, leather jacket, & silver watch

Express velvet skinnies & rhinestone earrings

Dollhouse basket heels




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