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Hey Guys!

I hope all you mommies out there had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday and those who aren't, honored and spent time with your moms or if she passed, remembered and honored her in memory! I personally think that every day should be Mother's Day, since mom's truly do so much and being one is a never ending job that's 24/7, especially you single moms out there, you're awesome! 

Since yesterday was Mother's Day, I didn't post my date night pics, since I was enjoying the day with the family, but I of course still wanted to share, so here it is! We had all the intentions of dining at this new Brazilian restaurant in our neighborhood, but to our surprise when we arrived, they were closed! They're not out of business, they just close early on Saturdays, which is unusual with a Brazilian steakhouse, but I guess they're just getting a feel for the area, I don't know. So we had to think on our feet, and decided to pay this Lebanese restaurant a visit, which we've been planning on anyway, so it worked out. The food is pretty much similar to that of Turkish or any other Middle Eastern/Arab cuisine. What I loved most was that they use wood during the grilling process, which helps tenderize the meat and bring out the flavors of the seasonings, which melts in your mouth!

APPETIZER: Grape leaves (stuffed with rice) & pita with hummus


DINNER TO SHARE: Mixed meats on the grill


DESSERT: Baklava


We finished the night with the traditional Baklava, which we always enjoy. Although many Middle Eastern restaurants offer this yummy and sweet treat, as well as the Greeks, I have begun to taste the difference in the way some prepare it. To me, the way the Greeks make it, it's more durable in that it doesn't fall apart as easily when you put your fork in it and I can taste more cinnamon than with the others. Either way, they all taste great and if you've never tried it and enjoy honey and sweet desserts, you'll love it! 

As for my outfit, it was a beautiful evening, and we had intended on dining in a more relaxed setting, so I opted for this casual look. The top is very loose-fitting and has a very relaxed vibe, since it's pretty much simple for the most part. The subtle denim detail around the neckline, shoulders and back area add that bit of interest to keep the top from looking boring. Since it's so loose, I tucked it in to avoid my waist from getting lost in the fabric, which I generally suggest doing, especially if you're rectangular. Tucking in a flowy top helps reestablish the waistline, which would otherwise be hidden for the rectangular shape. 

As you can see, these shorts are completely printed, which I wouldn't otherwise suggest to my pear shapes, if a top that doesn't offer volume or interest is not paired with it. Since this one has a denim detail and is tucked in, giving a bit more volume to the upper body, the lower portion doesn't appear over emphasized. This is also a look I would suggest for those of you who are inverted triangles or who have wider shoulders, like myself, since it has a v-neck which helps narrow out the upper body and less of the shoulder is exposed in this case. Speaking of v-necks, this would also prove to be a great look if you have a short torso, since it helps visually elongate the upper body. If you have a shorter torso and longer legs, I'd suggest sandals similar to these that I'm wearing, that have a strap detailing, which cuts off some visual inches, but not in a nude or flesh toned color, as this will override the shortening effect, since nude helps in visually elongating the legs. 



TOP: Cynthia Rowley (Marshall's)

SHORTS: Cynthia Rowley (Marshall's)

EARRINGS: Charming Charlie

NECKLACE: New York & Company

WATCH: Michael Kors 

SHOES: Fergie (Macy's)

PURSE: Michael Kors (Marshall's)


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