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Hello Gorgeous Ladies!

So if you follow me on Facebook, then you'd know that we changed our date night from Friday to last night and we think we're going to continue it for Saturdays moving forward; it works out better for our schedules. 

Since the weather is getting colder, but not consistently, this is the time of year that we pay a visit to our favorite French restaurant. The reason we wait for this time of year to go is because they make the most delicious French onion soup. We've over heard people chatting at their tables many times stating that this restaurant makes it as good as the restaurants in France, so you know it's that good!

I decided to have their delicious mussels as my entrée, they are extremely generous with the portion. I hate when I go to places and order mussels and they give such a small amount. I mean, it's such a small piece of meat that it takes a lot to actually fill you up, so I often feel gypped, but not here! We ended the dinner with their apple bread pudding, which is absolutely delicious and coffee, a perfect way to end an evening, right?!

Eddie's entreé: Skate

As for my outfit, I purchased this skirt yesterday at a run to Marshall's. I have been eyeing it for a while and finally decided to get it, it only cost $14 bucks! I love the color combo and the print, which is velvet. I can't wait to create so many other looks centered around this beauty, especially when summer rolls around. It'll look amazing with hot pink and bright colors, as well as for this time of year with jeweled tones. I decided to pair it with a ruffled neck blouse, since the colors were exact. It of course added volume to my upper body to balance out all the attention on the skirt. Since the skirt is very clingy, I decided to wear pointed toe shoes, to counteract the width of my hips, so they didn't appear too wide. My torso is really long, which often makes my hips appear a bit more narrow anyway, but when I wear clingy pieces, the hips don't lie (lol)! If you are an apple or inverted triangle and want to re-create this look on yourselves, the only thing I would suggest you change is the top. Don't go for a ruffled top or something that adds even more volume, it'll only exaggerate your already large bust ;)


BLOUSE: Express

SKIRT:  Sans Souci (Marshall's)

SHOES: Nine West

PURSE: Tory Burch

BRACELET: Little Switzerland (Aruba)




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