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Hello beauties!

So last night we made the trip back to Brooklyn, again! I'm telling you, Eddie is turning into a true Brooklynite and we're all really shocked! My hubby is not a city guy at all, even though he's lived in the city for many years, he just never really liked all the commotion. But the Park Slope section, honestly, is one of the many sections of Brooklyn that is so diverse and cultural. You can just walk for blocks on end and see different types of restaurants offering various cuisines. You guys here me say that I'm a devout New Yorker and I never want to leave and I believe that this is one of the main reasons why. Where else can you get a taste and feel of so many different countries and cultures on every corner?! This what makes New York so special. Regardless of where you're from, when you come here, you feel comforted and can migrate to a section where people from your native country reside and feel at home, yet have so many opportunities presented to you, that would otherwise not exist back home. 

Last week, while we were walking around to let our dinner digest, to prepare our stomachs for dessert, we came across a Mexican restaurant that we've seen many times before and each time, it always looks packed, regardless of what time of day it is. So when we got home, we researched the restaurant and came across Fonda instead. It had better ratings and we were impressed with the chef's training and experience. Let me tell you, the food was absolutely delicious. The black beans were so good, but I must admit, they didn't come close to my hubby's beans. His beans are honestly the best I've ever had and I hold every one's up to his standard and no one can reach it! The only negative thing was that it was extremely cold and it seemed as if the regulars knew what to expect because they were wearing hoodies and jackets! So you know I was freezing with my outfit!

APPETIZER: Taquitos al pastor 

APPETIZER: Guacamole for two

EDDIE'S ENTRÉE: Carne Asada con hongos

MY ENTRÉE: Pescado al Sarten 

DESSERT: We went to Pinkberry (reg. greek yogurt topped with mango, strawberries, raspberries, and kiwi)

Speaking of my outfit, I thought it was fitting to wear this maxi dress that I purchased while vacationing in Cozúmel, Mexico, a few years ago, since we were eating at a Mexican restaurant. Let me give you a brief fill in about this dress. Each time we vacation somewhere, Eddie likes to get me a dress from there, so it can be like a one of a kind and have a memory attached to it, something meaningful. We stood there for a week and each day we looked and looked for a dress, but I'm extremely picky when it comes to clothes and I just couldn't find the right one, until the second to last day! We were just walking around and I saw it on a mannequin, flowing in the wind and I said, "that's it, that's my dress!" I always get compliments whenever I wear it, either as a dress or skirt and last night was no exception. 


Since these dresses are very flowy and don't conform to the body, they conceal problem areas or areas of your body that you may feel a little insecure about. I like maxis that offer the elastic band across the chest because for ladies like me, who don't have any action going on on top, it always gives the illusion of a larger bust ;) As for your height, I know it can be a bit challenging for both tall and petite ladies to find a dress that fits in length. When it comes to you taller ladies, you most likely will have to go up a size or two than what you typically wear, so that it can fit in length or possibly purchase one from stores that cater to taller women. Petites often ask me if they can wear maxi dresses and skirts and I say yes. Depending on your height, you can always have the bottom of the dresses hemmed a bit. One thing I want you to keep in mind, however, is that the neckline is important in your case. Remember, I'm always stressing the importance of v-necks, so it's no different in this case. My dress came with strings that can be tied into a v-neck, but I just tucked it in, but if you do this, it'll emphasis your neck and will give that lengthening effect. I also love them because they are extremely versatile and I included one in my "Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials All Year 'Round" video. You can wear them with blazers, cardigans, fedoras, you name it! So what do you say, will you be wearing a maxi?!



DRESS: Mexico

SANDALS: Mossimo for Target

CLUTCH: Ann Taylor Loft

NECKLACE: Charming Charlie

EARRINGS: Charming Charlie





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